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A hearty Welcome is extended to you on your visit to our Helping Haiti's Children website. HHC was formed by several colleagues in Melbourne, Florida in May 2010 and is focused exclusively on caring for the needs of the weakest of the weak... the orphan children of earthquake ravaged Haiti. These children, ranging in age from newborn to about age 14, literally have nothing! No home, no food, no family, no hope...nothing! Let me tell you about two of the orphanages and the children we support;

HOPE FOR THE CHILDREN ORPHANAGE, Croix Des Bouquette, Haiti located about 45 minutes east of Port Au Prince the 67 children of this orphanage until recently were living in tents where the daytime temperature can exceed 120F degrees. The tents are located on wodden platforms since the area is subject to flooding from heavy rains. Unfortunately, neighborhood rats as big as cats live under the platforms and scurry through tents at night. They have a large dog whose job it is to chase the rats at night to keep them away from the sleeping kids. One of the children there that has befriended me is Jonah, now about age four. As an infant Jonah was abandoned by his mother and found atop a garbage pile in the city dump! Jonah is now a warm and outgoing child who clings to anyone willing to give him attention. The orphanage also provides a six-room school for all of the children of the orphanage plus an additional 40 children from the neighborhood who also attend. The needs of Hope for the Children include the ever-present need for food, especially meat, eggs and other sources of protein. Paying the salaries of the 7 teachers and support staff are also an outgoing need. It seems there's never enough to go around and the orphanage relies heavily on the generosity of donors to make ends meet.

MELISSA'S HOPE ORPHANAGE, Bon Repos, Haiti located to the north of the Port au Prince Airport, this small orphanage specializes in the care of physically challenged orphans suffering from Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and / or Cerebral Palsy. Recently, they had a Cholera outbreak at the orphanage due to their contaminated water source. Fortunately, with thanks to their great caregivers no children died from the Cholera. We hope to provide them with a water treatment system to guarantee these already ill children with a reliably clean water source but at a cost of US $3,000.00. These children badly need physical therapy to prevent their muscles from further atrophy in the hope that one day some of them may walk again. We hope to raise sufficient funds to enable us to hire a part-time Physical Therapist. Paying the costs of prescription medicines for the children is a major ongoing expense as is the costs for food and medical supplies (diapers, etc., etc.,) Melissa's Hope also operates a six-class school for both the residents as well as neighborhood children. Melissa's Hope needs washing machines for the childrens' clothes, bedding, etc. Paying the monthly rent for the orphanage is an ongoing concern as well.

We hope you find our website to be helpful and informative to you. We would love to hear from you (Contact Us) and would welcome any support you may wish to give to the children of Haiti (Donate to Our Children).

Our promise: All monies donated will be used solely for the direct benefit of Haitiís children in need.